Support – Master Offisys

Presale Services

Master Offisys, offers one of its kind pre-sales services to ensure a pleasant
customer experience. Our sales representatives and designing team retort all
the queries in a professional manner to make you understand the dynamics of
furniture engineering and design planning.



Our sole representative visit the locality to provide a better insight from a designer’s point of view and educate about Master Offisys products. Customization services and designing techniques.

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The designer at Offisys help you turn your dreams into reality by providing best possible solutions to efficiently plan out your work space.

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We come with smart, modern yet inventive design plans with vibrant color schemes to provide your office an artistic yet comfortable feel. We offer two types of Design plans: 2D models 3D models.

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Master Offisys offers the most flexible services one can encounter in office furniture industry. We also offer personalization consultancy to deliver exclusivity to each of our clients.

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The financial and technical proposal contain details of the order with cost breakups. The proposal are self-explanatory themselves, but our representatives briefs you about the proposal to deliver satisfaction.

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Post Sales Services

Master Offisys matchless post-sales services make maintenance feasible for
all our patrons. As one of the leading office furniture manufacturer in Pakistan
offering post-sales services as a complementary feature to our clientship. Our
exclusive post-sales services enable you to maintain your office furniture for
an extended period.

Our Services


Our warranty is our promise to you.
Procuring the values of Master Group,
we stand resolute behind the quality of
our products. We offer a 12-month
warranty inclusive of the cost of labor
and parts.


After a one-year warranty, we continue
offering post-sales services to our
clientele. Helping our clients with
furniture maintenance if the model
manufacturing continues – we do not
charge for the service but just for the
replaced parts. This feature of
post-sales service distinguishes us from
other furniture companies making us the preferred choice.