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The Importance of Good Sitting Posture


Are you exhausted of your 09-05 job that makes you sit for longer periods of time? Does your back remain in constant discomfort? Do you feel tired after sitting for so long? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then read on as we are here to help you out.

Employee health and well-being is a big topic in today's fast-paced society. Employers suffer financially whenever their staff members are unable to work due to any sort of health issues. The primary issue is spine discomfort induced by improper sitting position in the office chair.  Sitting for an extended period of time damages the vertebrae as well as results in the development of chronic issues that necessitate long-term treatment. It badly impacts your productivity and concentration towards work.

At Master Offisys, our aim is to assist people in prioritizing their health and provide appropriate seating in regards to their job. As technology keeps us tethered to laptops as well as other gadgets, we are forced to be seated for extended durations. As a result, our physical wellbeing is affected. Whilst you might not be capable of replacing your office job with one that demands you to move or be energetic all day, there seem to be a few things which you could do immediately to enhance your wellbeing.

Let’s have a look at what a help you out in this regard.

Sit Properly

Start by seating at the far edge of the chair. Roll the shoulders, plus neck forward to achieve complete slouching. Afterwards, gradually raise your head and shoulders to a tall sitting posture. Push the lower spine forth to emphasize your spine's curvature. This would most certainly feel strained and awkward, but remain there for a few minutes. Reposition yourself in the chair so that your back is also against the chair as well as your hips are now in the curve. It will ensure that you are in the right seating posture.

Choose a Footrest

Choose a footrest if your feet cannot reach the floor. Movable ergonomic foot rests allow you to select the optimal angle of tilting as well as elevation for the normal posture sync. Sit without crossing your legs. This might decrease blood flow, therefore strain the muscles.

Check the Monitor’s Direction

Position the monitor straight in front of you from the current sitting posture. Stretch your arm and move the screen to approximately an arm 's length apart. Then, change the screen's height. The peak of the computer monitor should never be higher than 2 inches over your eye height. Computer displays which are too low or too high might cause neck or eye pain.

The Right Chair

Last but most importantly, choose the right office chair. At Master Offisys, we have a wide variety of office furniture. Following are some of our favorite selections of office furniture for you.