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WFH and Self-Care – Our Top Tips to Make It a Reality!


As the pandemic hit the world, work from home has become the new normal. From the year 2020, self-care has become a popular issue. Given the fact that we are working from home, it is high time that we start lending even more importance to self-care. Consider it mandatory to take care of your psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing while juggling the demands of remote work decently.

Set aside some time to create an ergonomic office space where you feel comfortable working. This will prevent you from getting musculoskeletal issues from working on a laptop for lengthy stretches of time. It will also massively enhance your overall cognitive engagement. We, at Master Offisys have compiled a list of some amazing tips you can incorporate to balance self-care and WFH most impeccably.

  • Focus On Your Posture:

It is not a concealed fact that the way you sit affects your overall body. It can leave a lasting impact on your body. That is why we will highly recommend you to always be cognizant of your overall posture and the way you move around.

It's critical to select an office chair that is supportive of your body. The proper chair can impact cognition as well as the body's capacity to handle pressure. It will make you feel much at ease and won’t make you tired. Not having the right posture or chair can result in body ache, strains, and muscle pain. Browse through the different styles, designs, features of chairs available at Master Offisys and acquire your dream comfort level.

  • Keep it Bright:

For your home office, choose a location where natural light will be your major source of illumination. Having natural light and fresh air have a favorable impact on our sleep cycles as well as our hormones. It will prove to be good for your overall mental health as well as eyesight. You will not have to deal with stress, strain, or any other tiring thing. The light will make you feel more productive and brighten up your mood too! You will feel your work performance getting better.

Also, we would highly recommend you get a hold of vibrant colored furniture. Quirky vibrant furniture adds an instant touch of inspiration and class to your home office. You will enjoy being in the company of vibrant furniture pieces that match your aesthetics.

  • Don’t Be Stuck:

If you are the kind of person who finds it extremely difficult to sit at a place for long hours, we got you. Get your hands on a movable desk or chair and give your muscles the time to relax. Offisys furniture experts design desks and chairs as well as workstations that are not only completely ergonomic but alluring to look at.

  • Take Breaks:

This is one of the best tips we can give you. We can’t stress this enough! Make sure that your home office allows you to take enough breaks in between work. Incorporate recliners and bean bags in your home office where you can relax after an exhausting day. It is vital to take coffee breaks, going for a brisk and brief walk as well as resting back, and having a break.

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