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Comfortable Office Settings That Help You Fight Stress


A quality workspace design is a good business investment for every organization. Employers need to ensure a comfortable and interactive physical work setting as it indirectly affects employee productivity and attitude during work. If you feel your employees are stressed at work or facing trouble staying productive, your workplace setting may be one of the contributing factors. Read on to learn some essential office setting tips to help increase employee productivity while reducing workplace stress.

Create a Dynamic Workspace

Generation Z is already shaping tomorrow’s workplace in a way that prioritizes communication. They prefer face-to-face interactions and open floor layouts for cross-company collaborations and bolster team dynamics. Creating such a dynamic and agile workspace requires the inclusion of open office workstations to foster fluid communication between employees and an upgraded range of tech tools that support different working styles and modes of communication within the workforce. Some of the best office furniture designs with open workstations offered by Master Offysis can be seen below:

Rethink of a warm color scheme

The office color scheme can bring a calming ambiance and promote stress relief. A good color scheme with attractive chairs, tables, wall paint, and office interiors can promote feelings of tranquility and improve employee productivity. In fact, according to an article published by Entrepreneur, calming shades of blue and green improve efficiency, focus, and overall sense of wellbeing. Soft neutral shades are also a good choice for an office color scheme as they help reduce eyestrain, increase concentration and prevent eye fatigue.

Provide a de-stressing zone

Create a “Zen room” for employees to unwind and recharge when they need a break from work. Designate a small area for employees to de-stress. Stock the room with comfortable office chairs or leisure chairs and some stress-relieving games to keep the Gen Z employees engaged and active at work. Let them know that they can use it whenever they need a break from their office desks or feel stressed at work. These places also help forge strong internal connections.

People are heavily influenced by their office environment as they spend 60% of their time working. So, for employers to invest in creating a comfortable and dynamic work setting becomes vital for a stress-free and productive office space.