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Our Complete Guide to Boost Inter-Employee Productivity at Your Workplace


Are you looking for ways to make your team increasingly productive without continuously having to encourage or micro-manage them? Are you wondering why do other teams appear to complete tasks readily whereas yours find it difficult to meet timelines?

“It's infuriating while your team is usually late on deadlines and way behind of schedule, isn’t it?”

You don't ever manage to keep up, irrespective of what you are doing. You realize your staff is competent in becoming efficient; you simply wouldn't be sure what methods and employee productivity techniques will assist them in reaching that goal.

But, don’t be frustrated as we are here with our tried-and-true techniques, that can assist you to boost team performance. These will help you in making your organization running smoothly as well.

“You don't have to push your staff to the brink of exhaustion. The greatest strategies benefit both your company and your team!”


Designate Tasks Thoughtfully:

Many teams appear to be able to complete tasks with ease. Others have difficulty meeting goals. You need to understand that you have power over your team's performance. Concentrating on the appropriate tasks at the appropriate times seems to be the key to increasing employee productivity.

There will be relatively little time invested, and the job they’d do will produce the desired outcomes. Ensure to designate the appropriate tasks to the team, something they will enjoy working on or have the competency to complete.

Foster Healthy Office Environment:

People work, most likely even more than forty hours per week, but they believe you are pushing them to make more effort. Investing in the well-being of your staff is more important than you think.

“You Should Motivate Your Staff to Take Care of Their Physical and Psychological Wellness!”

It is imperative to take steps to improve your company's core values. Make sure that your workplace environment is free of politics and is healthy. It leaves impressive impacts on inter-employee productivity.

Choose the Right Furniture:

We invest eight hours each day at the workstations, therefore make sure that they are ergonomic and convenient. If possible, provide your employees with an ergonomic workplace or office furniture. Continuous seating is connected with certain severe health concerns.

“You Should Motivate Your Staff to Take Care of Their Physical and Psychological Wellness!”

Ergonomically designed chairs have been shown to improve inter-employee productivity in the office. Similarly, equipping each employee with an ergonomic input device lowers the likelihood of one of the most prevalent workplace ailments, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Are you confused about the type of office chairs you should choose?

If you are confused about the type of office furniture and office chairs you need to buy to boost inter-employee productivity at work, then here is your answer. Here are our three top picks for the most ergonomic, low-back office chairs in Pakistan.

Aura LBC


    Master Aura LBC is designed to adapt to the ups and downs of the modern day's workload. This office chair's outstanding improvisation characteristics give comfort to every sitter after a long day at labor. From assisting via upright concentrated postures to people-friendly ergonomics and unique design, the chair has everything a task chair should have.


  • Master Cres LBC

    Master Cres LBC features a smart, light design that provides comfortable sitting with easy functioning, allowing the employees to perform effectively in all situations. The slim frame, high-quality upholstery, and superior MoltyFoam cushioning support every movement, maximizing productivity and efficiency.
  • Genesis Eco LBC (Wooden Arm)

    unique spinal fit construction provides support to each backbone disc. This office chair's permanent contact mechanism and other innovative adjustment mechanisms aid in maintaining a healthy posture while working. The ergonomic shape promotes blood flow to the lower body, keeping you comfortable and active all day.

We really hope that these tips assist you in giving an instant boost to your team’s inter-employee productivity! Browse the entire office furniture range at Master Offisys today and choose the best pick for your employees and help them elevate their levels of inter-employee productivity.