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Does Your Office’s Design Matter?

This can be quite a surprising question for many as it can stir your thought process on a certain level. Every single one of us, who have a professional life would agree to the fact that yes, the design of the office matters. Either it can make you feel productive or uninspired to move even a limb.

How Can It Help?

The overall look of your workplace is important whether you're a freelancer or even a CEO. Whenever you're trying to juggle meetings, due dates, and budgets, it's easy to overlook office layout. However, the character traits of an office have been shown to a significant impact on employee behavior, attitudes, and efficiency; satisfaction with the work environment has also been related to employees’ overall job satisfaction.

What Can Be the Impact?

Unmotivated employees will unquestionably impact your business since they influence the day-to-day functioning of it; efficiency is all about getting the job done decently and in timely. If the workspace is dull and drab, the employees will feel their energy draining out faster and hence, will be unmotivated to work.

Some Tips to Try

Since the design and overall layout of your office matters significantly, we have come up with a few quick changes that can help you make your office more appealing and attractive.

  • Flexibility Is the Key:

We would suggest you to keep your workspace flexible in all the aspects possible. Choose the furniture that is easy to move around and is not unnecessarily bulky. Nobody wants their toe getting struck by an old-school office table. Choose a modern design that is flexible and suits your workspace the best.

  • Keep it Spacious:

Another way to make your office look more inviting is to keep it spacious. Don’t stuff in too much furniture or accessories. Keep it minimalistic and light. Choose the right set of accessories that complement your overall setting and doesn’t look heavy. Leave ample space between the desks and other workstations. Place the furniture after careful consideration.

  • Storage Is a Must:

Make sure that there is ample space for storage. Choose the furniture that has drawers, cabinets inside where you can store your items. Nobody like to have their important documents lazing around the floor or sofas, put them in the right place. Make sure that your workspace has wall hanging, cabinets and additional storage to store items like official documents, loose papers and stationary etc.

  • Hold the Nature’s Hand:

As cliché as it sounds but nature heals humans. Try incorporating a few elements of nature into your workspace. Maybe a money plant, sunflowers or jasmine can do the trick. If you are worried about watering your plants every day, you can even opt for artificial ones. Placing an ivy in front of you can leave a positive impact on you whenever your eyes cross. Just do something nice and create an oasis for yourself.

  • Colors Change the Game:

We have kept the bonus tip saved for the end. As much as you have heard it, the importance of having the right color scheme stays intact. Having dull and faded color scheme is not going to bring you any good. Your employees will end up feeling sleepy and dose off sooner or later. We would suggest you to go for a color scheme that is vibrant, eye catching, creative and suits the corporate environment as well. Work with the interior design team to play around with different schemes and choose what works best for you.

How Can We Help?

Having read the above mentioned facts, if you are convinced and looking to revamp your workspace, head to Master Offisys now! You can check out the entire furniture range on the website or visit the showroom, depends on your convenience. Together, we will turn the workspaces into sanctuaries!