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Offisys commenced in 2000 with the concept of producing ergonomically designed seating for working individuals and groups at. Utilizing the ingenuity in foam, automotive engineering and textile, Master has epitomized their expert technology in Master Office Chairs.

Office chairs are popping up in all kinds of places from traditional work settings to co-working spaces and home offices. But no matter where you find them, your body and mind will benefit from the innovative support, alignment, and comfort along with health care of our ergonomic chairs.

Being functional and ergonomic with perfect lumbar support, this series is a culmination of style, comfort, quality and technology that brings you a refined mode to repose your body. Master OffiSys Private Limited manufacturing high quality orthopedic office chairs. It has a chief interest in dealing with firms and organization where computer related work in vital. Master OffiSys Private Limited manufactures high quality orthopedic office chairs. It has a chief interest in dealing with firms and organizations where computer related work is vital. Our product range is ergonomically designed and proven to increase efficiency through proper blood flow and backache prevention through perfect lumbar support. It has proven to prevent serious injuries like backbone disk slip. Tired back from sitting for too long or getting a head rush with tired legs after working for hours, effect efficiency. Since your work relates entirely to these factors, we assure an increment in efficiency of employees and prevention of backache. Our products are designed to take best advantage of human body mechanics by positioning the body to allow normal spinal posture while working and therefore allowing it to function best.